Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wyoming's School Colors

I have noticed lately that the University of Wyoming sports more of an athletic presence on TV these days. Nothing wrong with giving the Cowboys some love, but this begs an important question. Why do the Cowboys feature brown and gold as their school colors?

I have no problem with gold, but brown, please! Brown reminds of a delivery service with a famous slogan involving the color, you guessed it, brown. Brown is fine for a tie, shoe color or dress, but not on an uniform.

The University of Wyoming is probably a good school. I have nothing against the school, nothing against the state of Wyoming, Wyoming's people (they are hard working folks) etc. But you think the guys and gals at the university could come up with something better than brown.

According to my research, the color scheme goes back to 1895 when as part of an alumni banquet, Brown-Eyed Susans were part of the decorations. Obviously, someone REALLY like those flowers and the colors were adopted as team colors. All based on a flower. You got to love it America.

Well, Wyoming would drop the yellow color in favor of gold. But, apparently, this love fest with brown continues.

I have a sense the Wyoming folks want to stand out with their brown like their neighbors in Boise with the blue turf. At the moment, I cannot recall any major college athletic team with that color. Of course, the National Football League Cleveland Browns have it as part of their nickname. I don't like that color for Cleveland either, but as they say, that's a post for another day.

Wyoming should consider a nice black or red instead of brown. Even cattle are black and red colored.

What do you think of Wyoming's school colors?

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