Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Team is on the Bubble

March Madness is quickly approaching. Teams are trying to build their resumes for a possible NCAA tourney run. Many are on the bubble. Oftentimes, that is the case with my teams.

The bubble situation begs a certain question. Would you rather have your team make the NCAA tourney and lose in the first round or make the championship of the NIT? It's somewhat similar to the game show Lets Make a Deal in that you can take the sure thing (the NIT) or the curtain (and a possible magical NCAA tourney ride).

You might be thinking, Paul, this is a no brain er. Well, as one college football voice says, "Not so fast my friend."

Yes, in most cases, I want my team to play in the NCAA. There is nothing like the anticipation, playing the what-if game and actually winning the first game.

But what if you have a fairly talented young squad composed of mostly sophomores and freshmen? Will a one-and-done deal, benefit your club in the future? How about doing the NIT in hopes of more practices and games to get your team ready for a stellar season next year?

Of course, if your team is upper class heavy, the NIT serves no real purpose. Motivation would be a major problem.

So if your team falls off the bubble this season, will you be crushed or will you look at the possibility in the NIT?

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