Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alford Still Hot Topic in Iowa

New Mexico Coach Steve Alford's recent exchange with a BYU player has caused a stir many miles away from the Mountain West Conference. It seems Alford is never far from the hearts of Iowa Hawkeye fans.

Most Iowa fans have a hard heart when it comes to Alford. Most developed a displeasure for Alford while he served as Hawkeye coach. Fans were generally glad when New Mexico hired the coach. Many had the attitude such as "Don't let the door hit you when you leave."

So it is not surprising that nearly four years removed from his Iowa days, Iowa fans are flocking to the Internet boards to talk about the Alford incident and again make known their anti-Alford feelings. They say in a real marriage, bad feelings often linger after a divorce. This divorce is still messy.

Maybe Iowa fans are jealous of Alford's current success at New Mexico. The Lobos are 27-3 and ranked eighth in the Associated Press poll. On the other hand, Iowa has really struggled with Todd Lickliter as coach.

What will help Hawkeye fans move on with their basketball lives? Will a great New Mexico run in the NCAA tournament do it? I sense that a quick exit in the tournament will cause Hawkeyes fans to say "I told you so,"and keep stroking the Alford pot.

Hopefully, Hawkeye fans will move on and sooner rather than later.

What do you think about Alford and the Hawkeye fans?


Thaddeus said...

iowa makes a run in the big ten tourney wins it all,like when alford was coach(their young like back then)they get a 14-16 seed and UNM gets matched up with them or with both teams meeting in the next rd then hawk fans will really be fired up, only to go down, a man can dream right, big ten is to tough for iowa to make a run, however iowa is starting to build steam for the future in mens bb

Paul Delger said...

It will be interesting to see how New Mexico does in the NCAA Tournament. I don't think its conference is very strong and that could be telling.