Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Izzo and Oregon

Media reports say that Oregon wants Tom Izzo to become its new coach. And the Ducks are apparently willing to pay a boat load of money (Insert Nike founder Phil Knight here)to lure the Michigan State coach.

Why would Izzo ever consider going to Oregon? Would it be the money? Even if he would become the highest paid coach, how long would that last? Would it be for the challenge? Is Izzo getting tired of competing for national championships at Michigan State? Is he tired of the Big Ten Conference? He is already leader of the pack among Big Ten coaches. It would be a step down to be at the top of the PAC-10 Conference coaches. His recruiting lines are well established. Doesn't he want retire at Michigan State?

I wouldn't think Oregon poses as an attractive job for a coaching giant such as Izzo. Oregon has a media relations problem and its not the Ducks' fault. They live on the west coast--bad for publicity. People in the Midwest, East and South rarely watch their games (because of the late start) or know anything about the team. Case-in-point, who was Oregon's center or point guard this past season? I sure cannot tell you those answers. How about fellow PAC-10 Oregon's State's overall record? You get the point.

Working essentially for Knight could become good and bad. The good is that resources are plentiful. The bad is there could be a problem with intervention.

And think about the important things such as school colors. Michigan State offers a dark green. Oregon offers electric green and yellow. Couldn't you just see it the conservative Izzo wearing an electric yellow sport coat on the sidelines?

I will be very surprised if this marriage happens. But again, stranger things have happened.

Do you think Izzo leaves Michigan State?

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