Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pass the Antacids Please

College basketball bubble teams are on high anxiety alert this week.

With most of the conference tournaments being played in the next several days, bubble teams are about ready to learn their fate.

Bubble teams face a three-way anxiety attack.

First, they must play well in their own conference tournament to impress the selection committee. This is no time to leave your A-game back at the familar university gym. The teams could play tight because of the stakes, but they need to play loose. Oh, the anxiety.

Second, bubble teams desire a lack of conference upsets. They are cheering for the favorites not the underdogs. They want to avoid that 12-21 team that has a three-point shooter that goes wild in the tournament and carries it to victory. Oh, the anxiety. This one is out of the bubbles teams' control.

Then if the bubble teams pass their first two anxiety tests, the big one is still coming. It's called Selection Sunday. Bubble teams want to hear their name pop up on that selection board early. Waiting for that last group (or region) is extremely stressful.

So if you are a fan of a bubble team, I wish you well. Just be sure to keep those antacids near for the potential bumpy ride.

Do you have experience using antacids this time of the year?

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