Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winning Will Take Care of Northern Iowa's Seed

Many in the University of Northern Iowa basketball camp are upset over the Panthers ninth seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. Northern Iowa draws eighth seeded UNLV in the opening round with the winner probably playing mighty Kansas in round two.

Northern Iowa backers believe the Panthers were slighted despite winning the Missouri Valley Conference regular season title and the conference tournament title. They also wonder how the selection committee can treat a team this way with a 28-4 overall record.

Panther coach Ben Jacobson took the high road on the matter in public and I appreciated that. However, he might use that as motivation behind close doors and use the 'us against them' cry.

The bottom line is Northern Iowa must win one game at a time and it really doesn't matter about the opponent or the seed. In the NCAA tourney, the game is called survival. You can plan for tomorrow, but if you don't take care of today, the season is over.

Heading into the selection show, many in the Panther camp thought the team could make it to the Sweet 16.

Well, Northern Iowa can still do it. It appears much more challenging, but look at the bright side. Wins over UNLV AND Kansas would shock the basketball world. And isn't that what March Madness is all about?

What do you think of Northern Iowa's NCAA tournament chances?

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