Saturday, April 3, 2010

And The Winner Is...

I consider myself a big fan of college basketball, but this Final Four is a ho-hum one for me. None-the-less, my television will be on for some of the action today. I need to see if my championship predictions become a slam dunk or an air ball

If you recall, I picked Duke and Michigan State to play Monday night. Butler is my heart's favorite and it would bring greater interest to me if the Bulldogs win tonight. But I'm afraid the Spartans have too many skilled athletes for Brad Steven's bunch.

In fact, I like Michigan State to win the whole thing and beat Duke Monday night.

The Spartans are too tournament-tested, too tough and too focused to not gain the championship. I have been praising Michigan State coach Tom Izzo in this blog for days and why stop now? The guy could probably select eight players at the East Lansing YMCA and mold a competitive team.

Duke is also a tournament-tested team, but it has been a while since it played for these high stakes. Frankly, I am not too impressive with Mike Krzyewski's squad.

But with all that said, this tournament started wide open and it remains wide open. During Final Four time, there are no upsets. The team that does win Monday night will definitely deserve it.

Who is your pick for national champ?

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