Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Just Don't Understand It

I enjoy college football almost as much as the next guy or gal. But this fascination with spring games puzzles me.

Why do fans flock to spring games? It is because they receive free admission? The weather? Sociability? Must have their football fix? Do they want to see how the battle for second-string tailback or linebacker is processing?

I have been to spring football games because of work obligations. If left to choose on my own, I would have chosen no. Frankly, the games are about as exciting as watching paint dry. Or with all due respect to my sister, spring games are like kissing your sister.

Most spring games feature scrimmages. The first team or variation goes up against the reserve players. The quarterback wears a different shirt or puts on a vest and is off limits for tackling or hitting. Plays are plain old vanilla because you don't want to give away any valuable information just in case an opponent scouts you.

The score usually ends up 27-20 or something similar.

Really folks, nothing hardly happens of significance on this spring football day. Or sure, some unknown player might have a good performance or a starter may have the misfortune of sustaining an injury, but that is basically it.

It might spice up the game a bit if schools could actually schedule its scrimmage against another college team. But I don't look for that happening.

So, go ahead and get into spring football if you must. I'll begin gearing up for the season in August when all the players are on campus, the real competition for playing time begins and there is an actual opponent in the not too far distance.

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