Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is UCONN's Success Good for Women's Basketball?

The debate continues. Is the University of Connecticut's dominance in women's basketball good for the sport?

These gals are head-and-shoulders above others in the women's basketball world. UCONN has won 78 consecutive games and wrapped up its second straight undefeated season earlier this month.

UCONN's success has kept women's college basketball in the headlines on a consistent basis. That is a good thing because let's be frank, the women's game still lacks much interest compared to the men's game.

But on the downside, has UCONN's run discouraged the competitiveness of the game? Are teams going into games really thinking, "What the use against these gals we will just lose anyway"? Are women's college basketball fans tired of UNCONN's streak and thus pay little attention these days?

It also begs another question. Should UNCONN be penalized for being good? Should the NCAA reduce the number of scholarships in the women's game?

These are difficult questions. Meanwhile, UNCONN will continue the march. UCONN is well within sights of the longest undefeated streak in all of college basketball--88 by the UCLA men's teams.

Can these gals accomplish that feat? I believe they can.

But until UCONN loses again, the major question will linger. Perspective determines what side you are on regarding this one.

So, is UCONN's success good for women's college hoops?

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