Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Letter to My Favorite Basketball Coach

Editor's Note: My friend, Tim Maloney, is Director of Basketball Operations at Baylor University. He is in my doghouse because Maloney never told me he landed at Baylor last summer. I discovered it off the web. The following is a humorous attempt to inform him he messed up and to attempt a reconnection.

Dear Maloney,

Congratulations on a fine season at Baylor. Remember me? I'm Paul your friend. The tall, skinny guy.

You are officially in my doghouse for not telling me you took a basketball position at Baylor. I found out about it on the World Wide Web. Nice, huh? Because I live in Big 12 Conference territory, I would also see your mug occasionally on television. Hey, you look good in green, but maybe not so much in green and gold.

How in the world do you land in Texas? You told me once that you didn't think the eastern guy could coach in Oklahoma. By the way, Texas in just one state down from Oklahoma.

Waco is your home now. Isn't that where that David cult guy put Waco on the map?

Anyway, I hope you are having a good time in Texas. I'm been there a few times. It's a big state. Don't get lost. Speaking of lost, what about the Brooklyn accent for the southern drawl? I have a feeling you won't ever lose that accent.

I met your coach Scott Drew once. He seems like a good guy. Maybe the Maloney charm won him over and Drew just had to hire you. Never underestimate the Maloney charm.

I hope this find you well. If you are not a web person, maybe somebody in athletics at Baylor will find my letter. Maybe even Nick Joos. Nick and I were on the same staff at a previous stop. We called him the righhander because he was big into baseball.

Please contact me sometime or you will lose your status as my favorite basketball coach. But because I still care for you (maybe it's that Maloney charm), I can tell you my list isn't too long.

Your buddy still in Iowa,


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