Friday, April 9, 2010

Stevens and Butler: a Great Marriage

The feel good story about the Butler basketball team continues to grow.

Butler announced yesterday that coach Brad Stevens has agreed to a long-term contract extension.

This is obviously great news for Butler and good for college basketball.

The deal ended any speculation that some big boy school would come in and take away the coaching darling of this year's NCAA tourney.

Stevens values his Butler job and appreciates the fit. He believes the grass is pretty green on his side of the fence and doesn't need to go looking for better grass and a much bigger paycheck.

I say good for him.

It's a victory for mid-major programs across the country. It says that even a successful coach at a smaller program will not always take the big money and run to the big school and the big conference.

College basketball benefits because outstanding coaches at the mid-major level increases further underdog success at NCAA tourney time. And America loves this type of story.

I hope Butler and Stevens remain a competitive program for many seasons. Hopefully this marriage will serve as a model when other mid-major coaches consider the big money, bright lights and big lure of a major program. True success is often relative and it can be found at a smaller school.

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