Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts on Conference Expansion

Just like the outdoor grilling season, talk of conference expansion is heating up.

In recent years, we have had some sizzle but little steak on this never-ending expansion talk. Not since the ACC and Big East provided some movement a few years ago has there been realignment.

But this time the talk seems centered on the PAC-10 and Big 10. I know, the Big 10 expansion talk is really old news. It sounds like it might happen however in the near future. This from a conference that calls itself the Big 10 with 11 teams. Change must be hard. And they are talking major change with expansion in this black spikes league?

So maybe Rutgers or Missouri might be interested? Notre Dame might reconsider its stance on football conference membership. The Irish are hardly a national power these days and might appreciate some security in the Big 10.

The PAC-10 might go calling on some Mountain West schools. I heard Utah is one target. But this is one conference that needs a splash. Right now, it has Phil Knight, Nike and the University of Oregon. And they might also consider moving the conference. Starting times make it difficult for anyone east of the Rock Mountains to keep trace of this league.

Being old school, I don't have much problem with the way the leagues (across America) are presently aligned. But it's the sign of times. People think bigger is better. I say, be careful what you wish for?

What are you opinions on college expansion?


Anonymous said...

The Big Ten has never been a trendsetter of a league, and historically they move carefully, cautiously and slowly. If they made the jump all the way to 16 teams it would rock everyone's world.

My money is on the Big Ten adding one from the Big East to give it a 12th member. The SEC and ACC will stand pat, and the BE will move to 12 teams by adding five more schools, mostly from the South, to create a divisional line-up between its northern and southern regions. Memphis, East Carolina, Southern Miss, Central Florida are a few that come to mind.

Paul Delger said...

You make a good point about the Big Ten adding a 12th team from the Big East. I think the Big Ten wants to add those TV sets from the East Coast. Plus, it would give Penn State company so to speak. Sounds like Joe Pa favors expansion too.