Friday, April 30, 2010

Who has the Most Risk in the Iowa State Coaching Situation?

Now that the freshness of the Fred Hoiberg coaching hire is over, we can now analyze who carries the most risk: Hoiberg or Iowa State. Or is there really that much risk?

This would not be an issue if "The Mayor" had some head coaching experience. But the negative people seem to make issue with Hoiberg's blank resume.

Iowa State has little risk. The athletic department just endured four straight losing seasons. The program was pretty low. At times, Cyclone hoops were about as exciting as watching cars travel down Main Street on a Saturday night. Translation: it couldn't become much worse. Athletic Director Jamie Pollard hired a Cyclone hero in Hoiberg. Fans will probably flock back to Hilton Coliseum and give Iowa boy Hoiberg lots of rope in the rebuilding process. If Hoiberg flops, Iowa State just brings in another coach

Hoiberg has more risk but not that much. Could his glory boy status become tarnished if he cannot lead his alma mater to prosperity? I doubt it. Plus, if it doesn't work out, he could probably return to a NBA front office. Hoiberg's people skills will not have him lacking for gainful employment.

I like the hire and view it as much more reward than risk. Hoiberg will surround himself with talented coaches whether on the bench or on the speed dial. If he happens to become more of a public relations/CEO coach, it wouldn't be the first time in college athletics. Remember that football coach at Florida State with the first name of Bobby?

But I think in due time, Hoiberg will return the Cyclones to respectability. I'm not predicting Final Four in the next few years, but how about a few winning records for starters?

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