Friday, May 21, 2010

Are College Players Spoiled?

Ken Miller who does a radio sports talk show on Des Moines, Iowa's KXNO wrote an interesting blog yesterday ( Iowa State's Athletic Director Jamie Pollard's comments on transfers.

It seems Pollard last month wrote comments to Keith Murphy, WHO-TV Sports Director, lamenting that over 500 players in the last two years have left one Division 1 program for another. Pollard basically questioned the character of these players saying that if things don't go the way they want them to at their school, they quickly transfer somewhere else.

Miller thought Pollard's comments were especially interesting in lieu of the fact that Iowa State accepted a basketball transfer this week from Penn State. Miller was probably thinking why Iowa State would allow this when Pollard basically said this tranfering was a huge problem in Division I basketball.

But this issue begs the question are college players spoiled? Yes, yes and yes. Maybe it started when little Johnny could shoot a basketball like none other in his grade school class. Special talent turned into special privileges. Well, that continue all through high school. Johnny gets to college and then realizes there are other talented players on the team and only one ball. Maybe his coach doesn't think he is as talented as Johnny believes. Johnny thinks the grass is greener somewhere else. He transfers.

This thought process may plague numerous college basketball types today. And if that is the case, what happens (as Pollard suggests) when the player gets out into real life? Who will save him then?

Players shouldn't shoulder the entire blame. How about coaches, parents and fans taking their share too? Not everyone can be a "star" in the athletic world and support players are definitely needed College athletics should prepare athletes for life experiences not only how to shoot a basketball and win games.

Life often throws full-court presses that requires staying and enduring the situation rather than fleeing from it. What better time to learn that coping skill than when you are young.

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Paul Delger said...

I will answer my own question. In many cases, I would say, yes college athletes are spoiled. However, part of the problem may be that the universities, coaches, etc. promote spoiling.