Thursday, May 20, 2010

The College Sports Lull

I don't care how many hours ESPNU or the Big Ten Networks spends televising track or college baseball and softball, count me out.

Fortunately, my college sports desire doesn't need a sport for every season. Frankly, track, baseball and softball holds little interest. I turn my attention to the Major Leagues during this time.

I do enjoy reading stories about the various athletic departments going out this time of year to promote its teams. That helps raise my excitement level somewhat for the upcoming football and basketball seasons. I have never attended one of the those events, but it sounds fun.

The college football magazines will be coming out in a few weeks. Again, I don't need my football fix yet. I don't care if the University of Louisiana-Monroe is ranked the 112th best team in the nation or if Florida International comes in at 121st.

But about the middle of August, I will get ready for the football season. Sports Illustrated will feature its preview issue around then, and it will spark my interest. That is when I will look at where the University of Louisiana-Monroe and Florida International are ranked. Those schools will probably never go beyond the three-digit ranking, but it is good to see this teams receive exposure. You might also learn that one of your favorite BCS universities will place schools like these this fall.

What do you do to survive the summer months with major college sports?

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