Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Michigan Mess

Media reports out of Michigan stated today that the University of Michigan is placing self-imposed penalties on its football program. It apparently stems from too much training and practice time.

Well, the Rich Rodriquez era at Michigan hasn't lacked for controversy has it?

Michigan is now acting like a kid caught in the act of stealing cookies. Michigan knows something is definitely wrong, the NCAA knows something is definitely wrong and Michigan is throwing itself at the mercy of the NCAA. The old line, we'll discipline ourselves before Dad can do it when he gets home.

Rodriquez doesn't act like he is pleading for much mercy. If you listening closely, he hasn't said much. Is he just trying to save his neck or what? I know the NCAA rules manual is thick, but shouldn't a coach understand too much practice time? Isn't this like simple addition? Any calculator could handle this one.

Because Michigan has a history-rich football program, I wonder what the NCAA will do. Will that body come down hard on the Wolverines or give them grace based on Michigan's tradition? Supposedly in August, the NCAA will decide/announce its ruling.

If I was Rodriquez I would keep my eyes on the job openings and real estate listings. They might come in handy down the road.

What do you think about the Michigan situation? Who is to blame? What will happen?

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