Friday, May 7, 2010

Notre Dame and the Big Ten

The Big Ten Conference is talking expansion. The rumors fly about various schools joining the conference. But the discussion always seems to return to Notre Dame. Will it leave football independence to join the Big Ten?

Notre Dame is like the pretty girl in high school you wanted to invite to the prom. There was a chance she would say yes, but a bigger chance she would say no. But the mystery around the situation made it exciting.

If the Big Ten comes calling to Notre Dame, there is a decent chance the Irish will say no. They don't have to share their money with any conference schools and Notre Dame still has good overall name recognition. The Big Ten's other options would surely be an easier sell. But like that pretty girl, the Big Ten probably dreams about Notre Dame being a member school. There is a mystery about the dynamic of the Irish's participation in the league.

Maybe Notre Dame needs the Big Ten more than vice versa. The football program is not the tried-and-true outfit it once was. Many wonder if the Irish can return to football glory. Who says NBC will provide the big money again when its contract expires?

Notre Dame might want to take a chunk of the money the conference receives from its successful network.

Do you think Notre Dame should join the Big Ten?

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