Monday, July 19, 2010

This Big Ten Division Thing is a No-Brainer

I admit that I am no math or geography whiz, but this Big Ten division setup took me about one minute. And it took me that long because I couldn't remember all the teams in the conference. Sorry, Big Ten

So I say to the conference officials, this division stuff is far from brain surgery.

I would divide the schools on a west and east basis. My alignment focuses on men's athletics which for better or worse pays the bills.




Penn State
Ohio State
Michigan State

The cream of the conference in this setup appears in the east. But based on natural and long-term rivalries, this seems best.

If Michigan can ever become the old Michigan in football, that division would be tough. As it stands now, Penn State and Ohio State would battle it out. Michigan State could throw a wrench (make it interesting) into that division occasionally but not often.

Over in the west division, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin would become the top teams. Maybe Illinois and Northwestern could play spoilers, but don't look for those schools to play in the championship game.

There really isn't a need for divisions in basketball, but for the sake of argument, here is the scoop.

In the east, Michigan State and Ohio State would rule. Purdue might be a darkhorse from time-to-time and if Indiana could become the old Indiana, the race in hoops could be interesting.

In the west, Wisconsin and Illinois would become the favorites. Minnesota might challenge on occasion, but Tubby Smith needs a more consistent program.

So in your opinion, which Big Ten teams should play where?


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