Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Will Notre Dame Ever Jump?

My friend is a Michigan State fan and he wants Notre Dame to join the Big Ten. He thinks that would be a good move.

Nebraska is probably glad the Irish didn't join the conference. If they did, the moving van stays in Lincoln.

I question whether the Big 10 wants or needs Notre Dame now. You can ask a pretty girl out so many times before you take the rejection in a big, personal way. It's anybody's guess if the Big Ten is done expanding, but 12 becomes better than 11 and it means a conference playoff game is possible.

Apparently, Notre Dame remained steadfast during the recent offering of college musical chairs. The Irish must still believe in their brand and product. But has both items become worn and outdated? If Notre Dame can grab numerous football victories this fall, then maybe the old brand and product will experience revitalization. If not, Notre Dame better have Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany on speed dial.

Notre Dame is in probably one of the most unique situations in its storied history. The result could be good or bad for the Irish. Either they will continue to beat their chest or they will come begging on bended knee.

Wouldn't the second scenario be interesting?

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