Monday, October 11, 2010

Alabama Proves a Point

Nick Sabin’s bunch looked like world beaters this season. Alabama was the cream of college football until last Saturday.

There’s nothing like a double-digit defeat to South Carolina to give everyone a little taste of reality, however. The old saying is true: “On any given Saturday, one team can beat the other.”

Perfection is a real burden carrier. And maybe the Tide paid too close attention to their press clippings. Arkansas almost beat them earlier in the year. This time, the home team finally whacked Alabama.

The Tide’s role now becomes cheerleaders. They hope undefeated teams fall like they fell. Defending their national title appears unlikely with one loss. Off course, that assumes they win their remaining games.

Leave it to South Carolina to give Alabama pain. The old ball coach, Steve Spurrier, is probably still smiling on this Monday. Smiles have been rare during Spurrier’s time with the Gamecocks.

Suddenly, smiles are definitely on vacation in Alabama. That’s what happens when old sayings become true.

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