Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boise State and the Blue Turf

I have been a fan of Boise State from a far for a while. I appreciate the Broncos’ winning ways as an underdog in the BCS. It brings freshness to the college football story. Freshness is good.

I have written about the blue turf in Boise State’s stadium before. From the beginning, it was a ploy to get national attention. It worked and ESPN listened. ESPN started doing games at Boise State.

But this blue turf story is getting old. It’s time for Boise State to abandoned the blue turf and return to the traditional green stuff. They would do a great service to American TV viewers if they retired the blue turf. America gets the message. Boise State is a good football team. Rest on your productivity, forget the gimmicks

I cannot watch much of a Boise State home game on TV such as last night’s contest against Louisiana Tech. The blue turf is just too hard on my eyes. It makes them hurt and besides, it’s difficult to follow the football. And I would think there are plenty of viewers out in TV land with the same opinion. I wonder what eye doctors think.

Does Boise State want to turn away viewers? No. The Broncos are still marketing their program and seeking attention. But in my view, they can now do it without the blue turf.

Does the blue turf bother your game watching?

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