Friday, October 1, 2010

ESPN Should Stop Airing Friday Night College Football

I think ESPN performs a great service televising high school football on Friday nights. The sports giant began airing those games this season.

ESPN has also featured a college football game on Friday night for a number of years. I felt bad for the high schools when that started because it takes away from high school football all across the country on that special night.

Friday night IS high school football in rural communities and large cities. Out here in the heartland, Friday night football unites a community. It’s a gathering point and usually the most important event of the day.

But when the weather gets a little rugged like rain, cold or wind, it is easier to stay home. Then if you need your football fix, you turn to ESPN. But then you lose community, your favorite team loses your presence and your revenue.

I think ESPN should expand its high school football coverage on Friday. Do a doubleheader. Celebrate the occasion. Draw people into high school football. It might actually improve the local gate.

The colleges have enough primetime exposure on ESPN. They have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and all day Saturday.

What are your thoughts on ESPN Friday night football?

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