Friday, October 15, 2010

Iowa and Michigan Really Need This Game

When Iowa and Michigan tangle in the Big House tomorrow (Saturday), the stakes are high.

Can Iowa defeat a quality opponent on the road? It’s only the Hawks second road game of the season and they failed miserably against Arizona earlier. Iowa should become a Big Ten title contender this season but a slipup at Michigan will greatly hinder that quest.

With its running game under siege due to injury, look for the Hawks to throw the ball more and put the game in the hands of senior quarterback Ricky Stanzi. Their strong defense must contain an athletic and potent Michigan offense.

But a Michigan question is a big one. What Wolverine team shows up this week? Will it be the club that Michigan State humbled in Ann Arbor last Saturday? Or will it be the team that exploded on offense in their previous victories.

Despite the winning start this season, Michigan fans are not in love with coach Rich Rodriquez yet? It’s been a rocky marriage and would get worse with a loss to Iowa.

Iowa wants a good old fashioned grind it out Big Ten game. Michigan wants lots of offense and a high score. It’s essentially the old vs the new in the Big Ten this week.

It sounds like a great match up.

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