Saturday, October 23, 2010

Iowa State Shocks Texas

I didn’t see this one coming. No way, no how.

Iowa State came into today’s contest a wounded football team. Utah destroyed the Cyclones two weeks ago and then Oklahoma chewed them up and spit them out last week in Norman.

I read the quotes about them leaving that all behind and focusing on Texas. This time, maybe the talk wasn’t so cheap.

Iowa State looked like giant killers today. Texas looked like the old Iowa State team.
Both teams played definite roles but not the usual ones.

Texas continues its split personality. They go into Lincoln and pop the Nebraska Huskers. They then lose in front of the home crowd and look confused in the process. The Longhorns are now an ordinary 4-3.

Iowa State had never beaten Texas before today. The Cyclones looked confident and determined. Gaining their fourth win never felt so good.

Last year, Iowa State dumped Nebraska in Lincoln. This is starting to become a pattern with Paul Rhoad’s bunch. The Cyclones are suddenly in the hunt for a bowl game.

Texas still wonders what hit them. Instead of a tornado, it was a Cyclone.

What are your thoughts on today’s upset?

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