Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nebraska is in a Unique Spot

Watching Nebraska’s appearance on ESPN Thursday night caused me to think the Huskers are like a team without a country.

It’s reminds me of a guy who takes a new job but is finishing out his old one. He isn’t really part of the old job anymore even though he finds himself there. He is an outsider yet with the new job because he is not there. The people at his old job treat him differently now because he is not part of the future. The new job folks are still in the major welcoming stage but unsure how this guy will fit.

Nebraska has divorced the Big 12 for the Big Ten. But they are still playing in the Big 12 this season. Conference schools want to defeat the Huskers in a different way now. Nebraska wants a strong finish in the conference to prove it is a quality program and to convince the Big Ten the program is definitely worthy of joining its conference.

Nebraska’s strong team this season makes its more interesting. The Huskers could march themselves through the Big 12 championship game and represent the conference in a major BCS game.

If that happens, other Big 12 schools might compare the feat to kissing your sister. And Nebraska might term it the perfect going away present.

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