Thursday, October 14, 2010

Norm Parker: Iowa Hawkeyes Inspiration

Norm Parker is the defensive coordinator for the Iowa Hawkeye football team. He has led a stout Iowa defense since 1999. Although the average football fan may not know Parker, his peers know all about the guy.

Parker has battled diabetes for a long, long time. He has had serious bouts with the disease the last couple years and it finally struck him down this season. He has missed several Hawkeye games.

Reports say that he has been hospitalized and doctors apparently removed a foot. How far they went with this procedure is unknown. Head coach Kirk Ferentz believes Parker will rejoin he team at some point but is unsure when.

So the Hawkeyes move forward without their defensive guru. Parker’s influence is still apparent, but the defense is handled by committee these days.

Parker is obviously missed. He is a tough, old football guy, but a media delight. He is honest with his comments and has a great sense of humor. With the humor part, he is more like a basketball coach than a football one.

Parker keeps battling like his Iowa defenses. You would expect nothing different from this coach.

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