Monday, October 4, 2010

Tennessee Coaches Need Counting Lessons

Tennessee must still be in shock over the Vols lost to LSU Saturday.

Tennessee had the road victory in its sights and then somebody forget how to count in the waning moments. The Vols placed 13 players on the field to try to stop LSU deep in Tennessee territory. The flag gave LSU another chance and consequently the victory.

Now, I can understand having 12 men on the field (that happens occasionally) but 13? Wow. That’s practically an army rather than a football team.

Maybe the university math professors should offer a counting class to the Tennessee coaches. It is you know a place of higher learning. This doesn’t require higher learning however, just simple, simple counting. One, two, three…

Tennessee has played some memorable games in its rich football history. This one may go down as the top game with plenty of orange checkered towels draped over it for crying purposes.

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