Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tim Brewster Watch

Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster is in big, big trouble. He came into the 2010 season needing victories to probably save his job.

But it’s not happening.

The Gophers enter their game at Wisconsin Saturday with a 1-4 marking including fourth straight loses at home. Let me repeat four straight losses AND at HOME.

The lone victory was at Middle Tennessee State. Ouch!

Brewster needs a football miracle now. The problem is negativity is as powerful as the positive stuff. And after four straight losses and talk of Brewster’s dire circumstances, will these college kids respond with fight or accept their plight?

For Minnesota fans, the Brewster era seems like a broken record. The Gophers haven’t been competitive for a number of years. Sure they have been to bowl games but with records generally around the .500 mark. Glen Mason preceded Brewster and his tenure was also rocky. Gopher fans who watch the Big Ten Network see Mason sitting on the set and probably think “The nightmare just continues.”

Being located in Iowa, we experience the good-natured Minnesota-Iowa jokes. But come the last regular season game of the year when the Gophers play Iowa, the Minnesota coach will probably be without a laughing attitude.

Because it may be his final game as coach.

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