Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Last Saturday's ACC Game Really Meant

Virginia Tech’s victory over previous undefeated North Carolina State last Saturday was a defining moment for both teams.

The Hokies were highly ranked coming into the season. Their pre-conference losses were surprising. But after Saturday’s win, maybe Virginia Tech will come alive in the conference and win many games. The Hokies definitely possess the talent and speed to accomplish that goal.

Wolfpack fans realized again that how Russell Wilson goes, so goes the Pack. Wilson had a sub-par game throwing touchdowns but also throwing interceptions. When Wilson stars, the Pack wins. When he doesn’t star, the Pack often falls. To use a little baseball speak: Wilson can carry the team. He is that good.

Expects believe the ACC is down this year and the Pack is a surprise. So Saturday’s game was a battle of two teams seeking division titles. Maybe that contest was the first of a two-game series. Virginia Tech and North Carolina State could end up in the ACC championship game against each other.

Stay tuned.

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