Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why the Negative Talk About Georgia's Richt?

The pinks slips for college football coaches are already in the mail. Minnesota and North Texas are looking and others will be issuing their own pink slips.

And apparently people aren’t happy with Mark Richt at Georgia. That puzzles me.

Here’s a guy with a 93-31 record in his 10th season in Athens. He has guided the Bulldogs to nine straight bowl victories. He teams usually compete well in the rugged Southeast Conference.

But this year has been a struggle. The Bulldogs are 3-4 overall and 2-3 in the conference. Plus, Georgia has had a number of off the field issues with players. Some say Richt has lost control. There is still time to right the ship on both accounts however.

My problem is that the discontent appears focused on one season.

Richt hasn’t all of a sudden forgotten how to coach. He is still a great leader of young men.

Sometimes a team will record a bad season. Sometimes players get into trouble. That happens when you have a group of 110 teens and 20-some-year-olds.

Richt is a good football coach and a better man. He has a proven body of work. Georgia fans need to lighten up and stay the course.

Georgia could do a whole lot worse with a new football coach.

What do you think of the Georgia situation?


HOUSEKEEPING--In a previous blog, I connected coach Skip Holtz still with East Carolina. I forget that he moved to South Florida. Sorry for the error.

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