Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alabama in a Spoiler Role

Alabama’s defense of its national championship is over.

The Tide’s loss to LSU last Saturday dropped them to 7-2. And with the defeat, all those national experts still in love with Alabama’s chances are suddenly silence.

The Tide is now officially yesterday’s champion.

What happened? That’s the old question begging answers but lacking. Was Alabama championship material this season? Did Nick Sabin’s boys pat themselves on the back too many times? Did they crumble being the hunted team? Is the SEC just too tough?

Alabama should still qualify for a nice bowl. But its biggest game now is the last one against the old rival Auburn. Alabama is square in the path of Auburn’s run to the national championship game. Alabama enjoys beating Auburn every year. But under the Tide’s circumstances, a victory this year would be sweeter than an Alabama peach.

Alabama’s pressure is over. Auburn’s pressure builds every game. If the Tigers remain undefeated going into the Alabama game, as broadcaster Keith Jackson used to say, “Oh Nellie.”

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