Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bo Pelini Situation

You have noticed this progression of events too many times in college sports. The head coach does something wrong. Athletic director and president/chancellor publicly denounce the coach’s action. Coach publicly says he is sorry.

That’s exactly who happened with Nebraska coach Bo Pelini this week. Pelini put on a show of major anger Saturday night in the Huskers loss to Texas A&M on national TV. Bo was anger at his starting quarterback and the officials and let his strong feelings known in visible ways

We don’t know if ‘ole Bo was truly sorry for his actions. Only he knows for sure. We do know his bosses were not pleased.

They say timing is everything. Bo picked a bad time for his anger. These days with the media, one needs to be extra careful because the news cycle is 24 hours. Bo was not only noticeable on TV but on You Tube too. The matter was sliced and diced

Bad, bad publicity for Nebraska and its football program. Bo forgot that he is not only head football coach, but CEO on the field. He didn’t take care of it behind closed doors out of the public eye.

Football coaches are emotional guys. I get that. But this time emotion crossed the line and ‘ole Bo paid for it.

Coaches are so scared about providing bulletin board material for their opponents. Maybe some coaches need to realize that the public has their own bulletin boards.

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