Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Connecticut Women March Forward

The streak now stands at 80.

After a few tense moments near the end of the game Tuesday night, the Huskies stopped Baylor 65-64 for their 80th straight win.

Baylor had an opportunity to stop the streak, but a long three-point try fell well short.

So Geno Auriemma’s group moves on to the next milestone. Eight more straight wins and Connecticut ties the UCLA men’s record of 88 consecutive wins.

The Huskies' program is simply amazing. People don’t talk about dynasties in sports much anymore, but we have one clearly here. The old saying, “It’s better to be lucky sometimes than good” doesn’t apply to Connecticut. The Huskies usually dominate opponents. Baylor’s scare last night was a rare occurrence.

Connecticut is great for women’s basketball. The Huskies are the poster child and will continue to play the role.

Some might want Connecticut’s streak broken, but I say play on women. This isn’t America’s hatred team. This isn’t the New York Yankees or Dallas Cowboys.

The streak will end. Basketball is such a game of luck—one bounce there, one tip here. But Connecticut streak is a feel good story. And we definitely need more of those in sports these days.


Karla Smidt said...

I'm hoping they can break their record. In order to do that, their freshmen are going to have to step it up more than the Baylor game. Too much of the scoring the first half was left up to one player. A team with excellent defensive skills, could have collapsed on her and forced the rest of the team to pick of the scoring. From what I saw of the first half, they would have really struggled to score without their star.
Karla Smidt

Paul Delger said...

Thanks for commenting, Karla. Sometimes the stars must come out at night, ha. Baylor is a talented team and it could beat Connecticut if they play each other againt his season.