Monday, November 1, 2010

Michigan State Falls Hard

The fact Michigan State lost to Iowa Saturday didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that the game was over in the first half.

Michigan State came into the game the most disrespected undefeated team in the country. Turns out, the Spartans proved the doubters right.

For the Spartans, Saturday was a train wreck. Michigan State looked scared, tight and flat all on the same day. The Spartans gave the game away with their turnovers. Quarterback Kirk Cousins had a rough game with interceptions and not being able to move the offense. Michigan State should have never left East Lansing.

And despite all its troubles, Michigan State played a team that was just angry. The Hawkeyes suffered a bitter loss to Wisconsin the week before and the home team came out focused. The Hawkeyes were world beaters Saturday.

So you add the Spartans’ woes and Iowa highs and it translates into one word: ROUT.

Michigan State is now the most disrespected one-loss team in the country. The Spartans dropped to 16th and 15th (AP and coaches respectively) in the polls this week. Last week, they were No. 5.

There is also now a log jam at the top of the Big Ten standings. Four teams have one loss. Two of the contenders, Ohio State and Iowa, play Nov. 20 in Iowa City.

What do you think about the Michigan State fall?


Jimmy said...

I think the MSU loss at Iowa saddened me. It didn't surprise me because I figured it was going to be a tough game, but not in the sense that it was just tough to watch. It was a sad night in Giessen; I had even rocked the Green football jersey all day. Fortunately, the internet over here wasn't showing video to well so I only caught glimpses of the game every so often. The rest of the time I was checkin' for updates.
I was happy to see them bounce back though last night with a win over 'sota. however, I was real surprised to see that big of a drop in the rankings! Could be worse though, I guess. They could be undefeated and never able to get to that #1 spot.
As always Paul, I enjoy your writing; I can't wait to read all about Izzo and the Green as this season gets going!

Paul Delger said...

Jimmy, Thanks for writing. You're correct the Spartans don't seem to receive much respect even when they are winning. But look at the bright side, they are still in the running for a BCS bowl.