Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ohio State's Gordon Gee Stirs the College Football Pot

Nothing like a college president disturbing people the day before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ohio State President Gordon Gee referred to Boise State and TCU indirectly when he mentioned “We (Ohio State) do not play the little sisters of the poor.” Ouch.

Gee, who is known for his bow tie selection, better remove the tie and really think about what he said.

Obviously he ticked TCU and Boise State off. The Boise State President responded and I don’t think he asked Gee out for dinner.

Second, Gee better check the Ohio State football schedule. Outside of conference play, the Buckeyes played a light schedule. Some call them patsies, others cupcakes.

This is another case of the big guys trying to keep the little guys from joining the party. If Boise and TCU remain undefeated, they should be invited to the BCS. End of discussion.

Ohio State might claim that it is The Ohio State University, but then the Buckeyes should act like it and play some good competition in the non-conference portion of their schedule. End of discussion.


Jimmy said...

Even being an ohio boy, and one who cheers for the buckeyes (when they're not playing my Spartans), I wondered two things about this:

1) Who really cares Gee's opinion on this? Why's this making news?

2) OSU always has a couple "little sister" (or "little brother in the case of Ohio University) games early in the year, as you mentioned.

TCU and Boise really getting hustled out of this, unfortunately.

Paul Delger said...

You're right Jimmy. The big boys don't like TCU and Boise because they might spoil their party. Thanks for writing.