Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oklahoma State and Texas in Reverse Roles

In my humble opinion, the college football TV menu this Saturday is weak. But the Oklahoma State-Texas game might be a steak and potatoes affair.

The Cowboys have put together a stellar season at 8-1. But Oklahoma State mirrors Oregon in that both schools have teased on the national scene, but never delivered the big blow.

Oklahoma State is in position to win the Big 12 South and go to the championship game. Usually Oklahoma and Texas are in the Cowboys way, but not this year.

The Cowboys have a long line of solid quarterbacks and this year is no different with Brandon Weeden. The 27-year-old is a former minor league baseball pitcher with a strong arm. The Pokes also feature a solid running game with Kendell Hunter and Joseph Randle.

Texas is fighting to play in ANY bowl game. You read that right. Its 4-5 record shocks the football world. The Longhorns have lost three straight and they have lost three home games this season. A defeat today, makes that four and four.

Texas fans hope their team comes out of the funk soon. Texas did inflict Nebraska with its lone loss, but that seems years ago to Texas fans. It looks like some Texas assistant coaches will be looking for work next season.

But unless you are a diehard Texas fan, you will want to cheer for the Cowboys in this one. Wouldn’t an Oklahoma State-Nebraska game in the Big 12 championship sound good?

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