Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can the Indiana Hoosiers Really Win?

Indiana introduced Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson as its new football coach yesterday. The fact the Hoosiers were looking for a new coach is no surprise. They do it frequently.

But it begs the question; can Indiana really win in football? Does the Indiana administration want to put a competitive product on the field?

In recent years, the Hoosiers have played some entertaining football. They have recorded the occasional upset and have also scored points on offense. But if I am an Indiana football fan, I keep the depression pills handy.

When you think of Indiana football, a couple of coaches come to mind. Lee Corso was a colorful coach (you know kids the College Game Day guy) and won some games. Bill Mallory was a tough-guy type and won more games. That’s about it for the history of Indiana football.

Indiana needs more commitment to its program. Wilson is now the highest paid football coach in Hoosier history. That’s a start. But how about improving that high school-type stadium? How about scheduling some games with big time non-conference opponents?

Granted, Indiana is a basketball school. For reference, ponder Duke, Kansas etc. But why not use basketball to make the football program better? Give the football program some money. Tell high school football players that Indiana can win.

Come to think about it, maybe Wilson should hire me as his promotions man. Wouldn’t it be great for the Big Ten and college football in general if the Hoosiers could field a decent team?

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