Friday, December 17, 2010

College Football's Most Interesting 2010 Team

The envelope please…Texas Longhorns.

Texas was the most interesting team in 2010 and definitely the most disappointing. Longhorn fans want to know how their team can play in the national championship game one year and slip to 5-7 the next season.

For my foreign readers, football is huge in Texas. Especially Longhorn football. According to one report, Texas has a $25.1 million football budget. Some college and universities don’t even have that much money for their entire athletic budgets.

So Texas fans want big returns on the financial investment. Texas doesn’t want to lose any games. Texas wants championships. They demand championships.

As expected, fallout has happened from the disastrous season. Head coach Mack Brown will have a revamped staff in place next season. For example, Brown needs to fill both offensive and defensive coordinator spots.

Change might be the best thing for the Texas football program.

Texas realized something this season. You cannot just show up every Saturday and take home the victory. The guys across the line from you want to win too. The days of entitlement in college football are over

So the question out of Austin, Texas becomes, “Was this a unique season or the start of a distributing trend?”

All of college football awaits the answer.

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