Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Congratulations Connecticut Women

It was just another night at the basketball arena for the Connecticut women. Another opponent and another victory. The Huskies have won 89 straight.

But this one was SPECIAL. The victory broke John Wooden’s UCLA men’s team mark of 88 straight.

The debate will continue whether Connecticut accomplishments are the same as the UCLA feat. The bottom line is 89 straight in anything, including 4th grade basketball, is impressive. So a definite tip-of-the-cap to the Huskie women.

As I stated before, Connecticut women’s basketball keeps the women’s game in the news. The women’s game will never match the interest in the men’s game just like spring always follows winter. But that doesn’t mean women aren’t gifted players, they are just different. In the simplest terms, men bank on talent, women bank on skill. Men dunk the basketball, while women shoot better free throws.

It’s okay to celebrate and appreciate the differences. That’s why comparing the two winning streaks are unfair.

By the way, look for the Huskie women to grow their streak. Baylor is probably the only team with a legitimate opportunity to defeat Connecticut yet this season.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations CT Women's Team.
Thanks for the continued observations on Women's Basketball--this is at least the second time you have given it coverage and shared some interesting perspectives on the sport. As a follower of men's and women's basketball, I have observed that women are just as committed and passionate about the game--and willing to do the hard work of training and practicing. Keep up the good work of writing an interesting, relevant, and well-researched blog.

Paul Delger said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments. And thanks for reading my blog. Merry Christmas