Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Does the Iowa Football Team Have a Drug Problem?

Iowa Athlete Director Gary Barta and football coach Kirk Ferentz met the media yesterday to discuss rumors about the football program.

Earlier this week, rumors were flying around the Internet and in the media that Iowa would be suspending 10-15 players for its bowl game against Missouri. The buzz was alleged drug use.

This all came about because the Hawks leading receiver was kicked off the team last week due to a drug situation.

So Ferentz wanted to publicly address the matter after he said players’ parents contacted coaches about the rumors.

I watched the press conference yesterday and maybe Iowa fumbled the football by having it in the first place. Maybe Barta and Ferentz should have allowed the situation to run its course and do nothing.

The athletic director and coach said program doesn’t have a drug problem. It was an isolated case. Other player problems had nothing to do with drugs. Yes, like any other drug testing situation flaws occur.

But by acknowledging the rumors and facing the media bullets, the program is now under greater watch for problems including drugs.

I have said before that I believe Ferentz is a good coach and a good person. But this is strange behavior from a guy who guards his program like Fort Knox. He knows his program lives in a fish bowl and he has just created more fish.

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