Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is Urban Meyer Really Done Coaching?

Urban Meyer’s announcement yesterday that he was leaving the head coaching position at Florida was not surprising. He quit last year for a brief time.

Meyer obviously has been soul searching for a while and decided to give up football for his family. He leaves on his own terms and has the memories of two national championships at Florida.

He says he wants to attend his daughter’s sporting events because he has missed many of them. Plus, he has a son coming up the sports ranks.

But from all appearances, Meyer is a 24-7, motor guy. He’s only 46 years old. Will the coaching fire ever return?

Don’t bet against it.

I know a prominent former college head football coach. He told me the first two years of football retirement were difficult. He referred to head coaching as “intoxicating.”

Ponder this. As head coach, you are the football CEO. You are in total charge. People answer to you. Fans generally look up to you. The media records what you say. You get to meet important people. You go to the finest country clubs to play golf and socialize. Even if you have a small ego, it’s as my friend said “intoxicating.”

Then it stops.

Meyer deserves time away from the game if he wants it. But I’m guessing someday he will get that urge to find another coaching job. He will think about the intoxicating part.

He and his wife might have a great marriage. But don’t be surprised if in the future, Mrs. Meyer says to Mr. Meyer, “Honey, it’s time to return to coaching. You’re spending too much time around the house.”

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