Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Minnesota Gophers Go for the Kill

My neighbor to the north, Minnesota, hired a football coach recently.

The Gophers selected Northern Illinois Coach Jerry Kill. Isn’t Kill a great name for a football coach? Isn’t destruction a major part of football?

But anyway regarding Kill, he obviously isn’t a big name hire. There were rumors that Minnesota wanted a big name guy. Well, I’m guessing none of the big name guys wanted Minnesota.

Minnesota is an okay Big Ten job, not a great job. I would rate the Gopher program slightly above Indiana. It’s pretty low these days.

But sports are sometimes about selling hope and Minnesota will now get the hope campaign started. It’s time to put some interest back in the Gopher program and sell some tickets.

Will Kill bring success to Minnesota? It will be tough. It sounds like he is a good football coach with a successful background. So the credentials should not be a problem.

But Kill’s biggest hurdle will involve changing the culture. As I stated earlier, the Minnesota program is in bad shape. Will the administration give Kill the money and support he needs?

Minnesota fans are hoping Kill’s program isn’t another Glen Mason or Tim Brewster bunch. The fans yearn to say goodbye to that kind of suffering.

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