Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pace Yourself for the College Bowl Season

By my count, there has already been five bowl games played heading into Wednesday. I have sat down and watched a total of zero. I have only seen a few plays in passing.

My suggestion to you is pace yourself for the bowl season. Like well-trained athletes, you need to get ready for this TV watching.

There are too many bowl games. So select your favorite team or teams, watch those and maybe a few others. But don’t burn yourself out.

Remember to walk around the house during commercials. Go outside during halftime. Do anything to keep active and your mind focused on your game. Drink plenty of water and do healthy snacks.

I noticed that there are four non-BCS games after January 1 this season. What’s up with that? In protest, don’t watch those games unless it’s your favorite team.

I plan on watching NC State-West Virginia and Iowa-Missouri. I’ll also probably watch Wisconsin-TCU and Oregon-Auburn.

Which game are you planning to watch?

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