Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Say Goodbye to the Coach-in-Waiting

West Virginia didn’t look like the No. 22 ranked team in the country last night with its 23-7 loss to North Carolina State.

Did the mountain boys really want to play that game? We will obviously never know.

But if they want to use the distraction excuse, I will buy it. West Virginia announced near the end of the season that it was hiring a new offensive coordinator (Dana Holgorsen) and elevated him to head coach in 2012.

Does this coach-waiting thing ever work out? It is just a messy situation. Remember Florida State and Bobby Bowden/Jimbo Fisher? Remember Mack Brown/Will Muschamp at Texas. Ooops Muschamp got tired of waiting and left for Florida.

I feel sorry for Bill Stewart at West Virginia. You are the head football coach, but you are fired. But we are nice guys and you can say around for another year. Messy, messy, messy.

Why doesn’t West Virginia just end Stewart’s employment now and save the guy some misery. Pay the necessary money and move on.

There is a human element here and West Virginia does not understand it. Haven’t the mountain boys learned from other coach-in waiting situations?

It’s time for colleges to quit this coach-in-waiting process. It might be trendy, but this trend is worn out.

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