Monday, December 27, 2010

Shame on the NCAA

The NCAA’s handling of the Ohio State tattoo incident was just plain disgusting.

Buckeye players are accused of exchanging personal services for tattoos. The NCAA suspended the involved players for one game but not until the opener next season.

The NCAA deserves an unsportsmanlike penalty for that ruling. The players should have been suspended for the BCS bowl game.

But apparently the NCAA likes Ohio State. It really likes Ohio State. Ohio State must be one of the NCAA’s cash cows. The NCAA must have different rules for the big boys as opposed to the little boys. Can you imagine what the NCAA would have done to a school such as Arkansas State in a similar case? It would have not been pretty.

The NCAA is one powerful organization and some of its rulings are just strange. The NCAA forced many schools to change their Indian-based nicknames. All but one school as far as I know. Florida State wasn’t required to switch their nickname. Hmm.

So basically the NCAA has different rules for different teams. If you are Ohio State, Florida State, Texas or Penn State, you have grace. But if you are Arkansas State, Louisiana-Monroe, Middle Tennessee or Florida International, you better keep your helmet on awaiting the collision.

Really, this development is all understandable. But it doesn’t make it right.

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