Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's Up With the Big Ten?

The Big Ten has always been a different kind of league. Who else out there in conference land had 11 teams for a number of years and still called itself the Big Ten? And now with Nebraska joining the conference (to make 12) the Big Ten is still, well, the Big Ten. And still has a logo depicting the Big Ten

But Monday’s announcements were real head shakers.

One six-team division will now be called “Legends,” the other “Leaders.” I hope the conference didn’t pay some marketing firm $4 million for their expertise with that. Wow. What’s wrong with a directional name? I know. It’s too simply and yet complex because the schools are in all directions. But, really, how are fans going to remember what teams are in what divisions with Legends and Leaders?

Didn’t the Big Ten learn anything from the ACC. The ACC calls its divisions “Coastal” and “Atlantic” and I would be hard pressed to tell you the breakdown. But again, the Big Ten wants to be a different kind of league.

And what about the new logo?

I think the youth of America would call it “retro.” Simply stated, it’s old-fashioned. There is no mention of the 12 teams in the logo. At least, the old logo had a small reference to the 11 teams.

I wonder if there will become a fan outcry or if these changes will just become a fact of life in the Big Ten.

Remember when the soft drink old Coke™ became new Coke™. People didn’t like it so much that the company brought the old Coke™ back. In this case, the Big Ten seems stuck in the old without even asking the fans about the new.

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