Monday, December 6, 2010

Wisconsin-TCU: An Interesting Match-Up

All the bowl pairings are set and let the discussion begin. Discussion is the only thing we have these days as the first bowl game is Dec. 18.

Yes, I was disappointed that someone didn’t defeat Oregon or Auburn so that another team such as TCU could have appeared in the national championship game. But the saying, “It is what it is” applies.

But of all the actual bowl pairings, I like the Wisconsin-TCU game the best. It should be a competitive contest.

Frankly, I haven’t watched much of the Horned Frogs. The Mountain West Conference doesn’t receive great exposure, so that is part of it. But being a non-BCS school brings a natural curiosity to this game. TCU will bring the offense, but will it be able to stop the Badger offense.

Wisconsin has been a scoring machine this season. The Badgers put up basketball numbers. And yet the Wisconsin plays old fashioned Big Ten football with emphasis on the run. It throws the ball too, but if the Horned Frogs don’t stop the run (or control it at least), forget about the victory.

I was in Madison (home of Wisconsin) last week. There is a real buzz about the Badgers Rose Bowl trip. People are making travel plans. Now Wisconsin actually has an opponent.

And I think a very good opponent. This promises to be a punch-in-the-gut game. You would think Wisconsin will provide the most punches. Will TCU respond and deliver a few of its own?

Stay tuned for the outcome on January 1.

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