Friday, January 14, 2011

Is the Big Ten Serious?

According to news reports, the Big Ten has decided to keep its Leaders and Legends divisions for at least one season. Wow.

You might recall there was terrible backlash when the conference first announced its decision to go with the two names. Is the Big Ten just plain stubborn?

I have written about this situation before. Remember my comparison about old Coke and new Coke? After replacing new Coke with old Coke, the company caved to the public outcry when people wanted old Coke back.

The Big Ten could have saved itself some time and money and listened to its public outcry. But to paraphrase an old song, “Some people have to learn the hard way.”

Obviously the conference is hoping people will forget their outcry and buy into these names. But I say good luck with that. I wouldn’t bet the family farm on it.

It’s a new beginning for the Big Ten. But I see shades of old in this decision.

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