Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kansas State's Frank Martin has Anger Issues

Kansas State’s Frank Martin is a pretty good basketball coach. You don’t have a career record of 80-33 and know little about coaching the sport.

But I’m afraid Martin is becoming better known for his antics on the sideline than his coaching ability. Last night’s Kansas State-Baylor game on ESPN was a prime example.

The television cameras seemed fixed on Marin’s consistent anger with his players. If Martin’s expressions counted for words, he could write a long, long story.

Announcer Brent Musburger was constantly talking about Martin. His sidekick, former Indiana and Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight, said nothing. That didn’t surprise me. Knight display of anger in his coaching days was well documented.

Like Knight, it takes a special player to perform under Martin. You need great self esteem and a short memory, because if you make a mistake or two or 20, you will hear about it.

People say Martin is a good guy off the court. But you feel for the guy on the court. Think what he is doing to his health with all that consistent anger. He keeps that up and Martin will have a short coaching career.

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