Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Michigan Isn't Special Anymore

Michigan hired a football coach yesterday.

Rumors said the Wolverines wanted Jim Harbaugh. He said no. The Wolverines apparently wanted Les Miles. He said no. Finally, San Diego State’s Brady Hoke said yes.

The Michigan job is getting to be like the guy desperate for a prom date. The Wolverines in their last two football hires were moving down their date list at a good clip.

This proves to me that the Michigan job is no longer special. In the old days, would anybody ever consider turning down the Michigan head coaching job?

Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles are Michigan men. Harbaugh liked the San Francisco 49ers better. Miles realized the grass was still pretty green at Louisiana State (LSU).

I think Michigan fans know realize their program is no longer larger than life. Fans at Notre Dame, Florida State and Southern Cal have also recently experienced that feeling with their teams.

Brady Hoke may come to Ann Arbor and do a great job. But the once mighty program has serious problems. The recent coaching search is a perfect snapshot of the difficulties.

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